Czech tennis star attacked

Czech tennis star and two time Wimbledon champion, Petra Kvitova, should be able to pick up a racket again in 6 months or so, according to her surgeon. The star was attacked and suffered a knife stabbing to her hand on Tuesday, whilst tackling an intruder at her home in the Czech republic. Her surgeon stated she is confident Kvitova will be playing competitive tennis again next year.

The star spent 4 hours in surgery after the attack at a clinic in Vysoke nad Jizerou, a Northern Czech town. Her manager told reporters ‘ Petra is in high spirits and hopes to be competing at the highest level again soon. The current world ranked no 11 will be allowed to leave hospital in the next few days.

Kvitova will start a physio rehab program in 2 months time but sports injury experts have warned that because of the seriousness of the injury no one can be certain regarding the recovery time to full fitness. Only after a couple of months when further tests can be made can they make an accurate estimate on a full recovery. This possibly means she will miss out, or certainly not be 100% fit for Wimbledon in June, which is her best performing and favourite tournament of the pro circuit.

Czech police have pleaded with the public for information, as they still don’t have any solid suspects, or information, that may lead to the arrest of the attacker. Kvitova’s PR team stated she has received hundreds of messages of sympathy and support from fans and other players alike.

tennis player




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Body Building with Resistance Cables

Hello people, and welcome back to Keemers sports and fitness blog. I thought I would go over resistance cables today, and how useful they can be in bodybuilding.I know what you are thinking, resistance bands and body building? This guy must have gotten a bad batch of creatine but they are really useful. I got a set of bargain priced resistance bands with varying resistance from a classified ads website called and have taken them with me wherever I go, as they are amazing for someone who is working out of town, moving around a lot of just on vacation.

resistance bands set

What are Resistance Cables?

For those of you unfamiliar with resistance cables, think of them like the cables that are on a crossbow. These bands tighten when you pull on them giving more resistance meaning that they get tighter the more you pull on them. Many exercises start with the cables already slightly extended to take advantage of this. You can attach them to a point and use the added extension to increase the stress on your muscles. It is still a good idea to have a couple different resistance strengths, as no matter how much you stretch a cable it will never be a strong as the next size.

Chest Exercises

Most people think that free weights are the be all end all when it comes to adding mass to your upper body, and those people don’t realize how much some good resistance cables can help. You can do basic exercises like a bench press with the resistance cables, simply by securing the band underneath a leg of the bench closest to your head, and then grabbing the band on the other end and doing the same motion you would for a normal bench press. A crossover is also possible, and you can perform this just as easy. Secure one band around a stationary post or pole, and step away enough to gain the desired tension. Stand facing away from the pole, and hold each side of the band in each hand and bring your arms toward your chest, keeping your arms straight and your palms forward.

Arm Exercises

Resistance cables are extremely useful for arm workouts. The first exercise to do would be a basic bicep curl. Start by standing on the middle of the band, and hold each side in one hand. Curl your hand up towards our shoulder, maintaining the closeness to your chest with your arms the whole way. You can also work out your triceps, starting with some extensions. Have the cable in the same position as for the curls, but have your feet shoulder width apart for added resistance. Hold the bands behind your head, elbows bent and extend your arm like a normal tricep extension.  Remember to wear your weight lifting gloves, I got mine here 

resistance bands

Shoulder Exercises

Believe it or not, there are some great shoulder exercises to do with resistance cables. The first and most basic is the shoulder press, where you start with your feet together and holding the cable at your shoulder height. Hold the cables as if it were a bar during a bench press, and extend your arms up high. Next move onto lateral raises, where you stand on the band so that tension begin at your side. Keeping your arms straight, raise them up from your sides to be parallel to the floor. If you’re going to be working out on the floor, make sure to invest in a sturdy yoga mat.  I bought mine here;

resistance band crunches

Upper Back Exercises

Many standard back workouts can be performed with resistance bands with very little changes. A good upper back exercise like this is rowing, where you fix the resistance bands around a stationary post or even your feet. Sit back so the tension begins with your arms raised in front, keep your legs straight on the ground and pull back as you would with a cable row. Keep the band around the post for this next exercise, back flyes. You want to have the same starting position, and while keeping your arms straight and your feet planted move your arms back so they are extended at your side.

The Benefits of Resistance Bands

As with any sort of physical exercise, resistance cables will help to increase muscle strength as well as stimulating growth in your muscle cells. Unlike free weights and weight machines however, they will also allow you to hit a full range of motion with your exercises. This will also help in increasing flexibility, something that is often overlooked in body building and heavy workouts in general. It seems like a no brainer for people vacationing, unable to get to their gym at times or simply just trying to add something more to your workout. And with the small cost even for a whole set( like this one , it seems silly to not get some resistance cables.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post about bodybuilding with resistance cables, if you did then check out last week’s post on ferret legging. Merry Christmas everyone.

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Strange sports – Ferret Legging.

Hey everyone, Keemer here and back with another great sports and fitness blog post.  It seems lots of you liked my latest blog post where I talked about Crossbow hunting.  So today I wanted to talk about one strange sport that is much closer to home

Ferret legging

Probably one not for animal lovers as the stress of the ferrets unfortunately hasn’t been officially tested.  Ferret legging is an incredibly simple game, with few rules.  The basic premise is that a competitor wears trousers, and a pair of ferrets is places down them.  The winner is whomever can keep a ferret in their pants for the longest.  
Trousers must be loose fitting, and tied at the bottom around the ankles, and around the waist by a belt.  The kicker here is that underwear is not allowed, so you must be commando with your junk hanging out ready for the ferret to find.  

The world record is currently held at 5 hours and 26 minutes, in 1981 by the late Reg Mellor.  Mellor once described the key points to be a good competitor as ‘You’ve just got be able ta have your tool bitten and not care’  Anyone here want to try? To be allowed to compete you must be completely sober and substance or sedative free.  And the ferret must have a full set of teeth and fangs – completely unfiled of course.  And all claws must be long and unclipped.  

Ferret legging

No-one is completely sure of the origins to Ferret legging, although it is believed to originate in Britain.  One story is that it was when poachers would send their pets down rabbit warrens to scare them, and in order to get past the gamekeepers they would have to smuggle them down their pants.  

I’m not sure about you but I can safely say that that’s a sport I never want to try.


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Crossbow hunting.

Yo everybody, Keemer here.

As this is the first post on my sports and fitness blog other than an intro, I wanted to make one that was special.

That’s why I am doing this post about bow hunting. BGrowing up in the UK I didn’t get the chance to do much hunting, even with a bow. After I moved to Canada for a couple year though, I went out hunting with a friend there and it was an awesome experience. Bow hunting is so different from rifle hunting, with a bow you are on a more level playing field. Of course you are still using a sharpened piece of metal and carbon fiber arrows and if you’re using a compound bow then the pulleys amplify the force applied, but you still have to be much closed than traditional rifle hunting.

Crossbow hunting

If you are hunting dangerous game, then using a bow can make it an even more exhilarating hunt. When you have to get up close and personal with an animal that could end you with one swipe of its paw, your heart rate goes up quite a bit. You have to hold your arms steady, keep your breathing calm and make sure not to make any noise before letting the arrow fly, and if your shot connects properly you should only need one. I find bow hunting to be a better solo hunt as well, as you don’t have to worry about accidents with a gun. No to mention that you can reuse arrows but not bullets, and re-heading an arrow is way easier than reloading a bullet. If you can, at least try out archery. It can be a good release of stress, and a nice way of being outside.

That’s all I have to say for now, hope you guys have a good week.


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Hi everyone.  My name is Keemer and this is my Sports and Fitness Blog.  

I’ve always been a big fan of sports, I used to play football at school and have always supported my local football team, the Brentford Bees.  And I’ve always been a writer.  I studied Journalism at school, and I now write for a fairly well known newspaper.

 But it wasn’t until I went to Japan this summer that I thought about writing a sports blog.  I was visiting a good friend I used to play football with who moved to Japan and we got onto the topic of strange sports.  He then invited me and my missus to go watch a sport known as Bo-taoshi, which means Pole Pulldown in Japanese.  The games consists of 300 people, 150 on each team.  

The aim of the game is to pull down the other teams pole, and 75 people in each team will defend their pole, and 75 will attack the other players.  After what felt like it was the most intense 9 minutes of my life, one team won and the two teams celebrated.

It was in telling my friends about this that they asked me why I hadn’t just combined my two loves Sports and writing and this blog was born.


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