Crossbow hunting.

Yo everybody, Keemer here.

As this is the first post on my sports and fitness blog other than an intro, I wanted to make one that was special.

That’s why I am doing this post about bow hunting. BGrowing up in the UK I didn’t get the chance to do much hunting, even with a bow. After I moved to Canada for a couple year though, I went out hunting with a friend there and it was an awesome experience. Bow hunting is so different from rifle hunting, with a bow you are on a more level playing field. Of course you are still using a sharpened piece of metal and carbon fiber arrows and if you’re using a compound bow then the pulleys amplify the force applied, but you still have to be much closed than traditional rifle hunting.

Crossbow hunting

If you are hunting dangerous game, then using a bow can make it an even more exhilarating hunt. When you have to get up close and personal with an animal that could end you with one swipe of its paw, your heart rate goes up quite a bit. You have to hold your arms steady, keep your breathing calm and make sure not to make any noise before letting the arrow fly, and if your shot connects properly you should only need one. I find bow hunting to be a better solo hunt as well, as you don’t have to worry about accidents with a gun. No to mention that you can reuse arrows but not bullets, and re-heading an arrow is way easier than reloading a bullet. If you can, at least try out archery. It can be a good release of stress, and a nice way of being outside.

That’s all I have to say for now, hope you guys have a good week.


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