Strange sports – Ferret Legging.

Hey everyone, Keemer here and back with another great sports and fitness blog post.  It seems lots of you liked my latest blog post where I talked about Crossbow hunting.  So today I wanted to talk about one strange sport that is much closer to home

Ferret legging

Probably one not for animal lovers as the stress of the ferrets unfortunately hasn’t been officially tested.  Ferret legging is an incredibly simple game, with few rules.  The basic premise is that a competitor wears trousers, and a pair of ferrets is places down them.  The winner is whomever can keep a ferret in their pants for the longest.  
Trousers must be loose fitting, and tied at the bottom around the ankles, and around the waist by a belt.  The kicker here is that underwear is not allowed, so you must be commando with your junk hanging out ready for the ferret to find.  

The world record is currently held at 5 hours and 26 minutes, in 1981 by the late Reg Mellor.  Mellor once described the key points to be a good competitor as ‘You’ve just got be able ta have your tool bitten and not care’  Anyone here want to try? To be allowed to compete you must be completely sober and substance or sedative free.  And the ferret must have a full set of teeth and fangs – completely unfiled of course.  And all claws must be long and unclipped.  

Ferret legging

No-one is completely sure of the origins to Ferret legging, although it is believed to originate in Britain.  One story is that it was when poachers would send their pets down rabbit warrens to scare them, and in order to get past the gamekeepers they would have to smuggle them down their pants.  

I’m not sure about you but I can safely say that that’s a sport I never want to try.


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