Hi everyone.  My name is Keemer and this is my Sports and Fitness Blog.  

I’ve always been a big fan of sports, I used to play football at school and have always supported my local football team, the Brentford Bees.  And I’ve always been a writer.  I studied Journalism at school, and I now write for a fairly well known newspaper.

 But it wasn’t until I went to Japan this summer that I thought about writing a sports blog.  I was visiting a good friend I used to play football with who moved to Japan and we got onto the topic of strange sports.  He then invited me and my missus to go watch a sport known as Bo-taoshi, which means Pole Pulldown in Japanese.  The games consists of 300 people, 150 on each team.  

The aim of the game is to pull down the other teams pole, and 75 people in each team will defend their pole, and 75 will attack the other players.  After what felt like it was the most intense 9 minutes of my life, one team won and the two teams celebrated.

It was in telling my friends about this that they asked me why I hadn’t just combined my two loves Sports and writing and this blog was born.


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