Body Building with Resistance Cables

Hello people, and welcome back to Keemers sports and fitness blog. I thought I would go over resistance cables today, and how useful they can be in bodybuilding.I know what you are thinking, resistance bands and body building? This guy must have gotten a bad batch of creatine but they are really useful. I got a set of bargain priced resistance bands with varying resistance from a classified ads website called and have taken them with me wherever I go, as they are amazing for someone who is working out of town, moving around a lot of just on vacation.

resistance bands set

What are Resistance Cables?

For those of you unfamiliar with resistance cables, think of them like the cables that are on a crossbow. These bands tighten when you pull on them giving more resistance meaning that they get tighter the more you pull on them. Many exercises start with the cables already slightly extended to take advantage of this. You can attach them to a point and use the added extension to increase the stress on your muscles. It is still a good idea to have a couple different resistance strengths, as no matter how much you stretch a cable it will never be a strong as the next size.

Chest Exercises

Most people think that free weights are the be all end all when it comes to adding mass to your upper body, and those people don’t realize how much some good resistance cables can help. You can do basic exercises like a bench press with the resistance cables, simply by securing the band underneath a leg of the bench closest to your head, and then grabbing the band on the other end and doing the same motion you would for a normal bench press. A crossover is also possible, and you can perform this just as easy. Secure one band around a stationary post or pole, and step away enough to gain the desired tension. Stand facing away from the pole, and hold each side of the band in each hand and bring your arms toward your chest, keeping your arms straight and your palms forward.

Arm Exercises

Resistance cables are extremely useful for arm workouts. The first exercise to do would be a basic bicep curl. Start by standing on the middle of the band, and hold each side in one hand. Curl your hand up towards our shoulder, maintaining the closeness to your chest with your arms the whole way. You can also work out your triceps, starting with some extensions. Have the cable in the same position as for the curls, but have your feet shoulder width apart for added resistance. Hold the bands behind your head, elbows bent and extend your arm like a normal tricep extension.  Remember to wear your weight lifting gloves, I got mine here 

resistance bands

Shoulder Exercises

Believe it or not, there are some great shoulder exercises to do with resistance cables. The first and most basic is the shoulder press, where you start with your feet together and holding the cable at your shoulder height. Hold the cables as if it were a bar during a bench press, and extend your arms up high. Next move onto lateral raises, where you stand on the band so that tension begin at your side. Keeping your arms straight, raise them up from your sides to be parallel to the floor. If you’re going to be working out on the floor, make sure to invest in a sturdy yoga mat.  I bought mine here;

resistance band crunches

Upper Back Exercises

Many standard back workouts can be performed with resistance bands with very little changes. A good upper back exercise like this is rowing, where you fix the resistance bands around a stationary post or even your feet. Sit back so the tension begins with your arms raised in front, keep your legs straight on the ground and pull back as you would with a cable row. Keep the band around the post for this next exercise, back flyes. You want to have the same starting position, and while keeping your arms straight and your feet planted move your arms back so they are extended at your side.

The Benefits of Resistance Bands

As with any sort of physical exercise, resistance cables will help to increase muscle strength as well as stimulating growth in your muscle cells. Unlike free weights and weight machines however, they will also allow you to hit a full range of motion with your exercises. This will also help in increasing flexibility, something that is often overlooked in body building and heavy workouts in general. It seems like a no brainer for people vacationing, unable to get to their gym at times or simply just trying to add something more to your workout. And with the small cost even for a whole set( like this one , it seems silly to not get some resistance cables.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post about bodybuilding with resistance cables, if you did then check out last week’s post on ferret legging. Merry Christmas everyone.

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